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Game changing insights for your business

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Beyond Fear

How we can be successful in uncertain times

The world has become unpredictable.


Many experience fear as a result

Fear is a key emotion that has assured our survival - warning us of potential danger. 

Our traditional options - Fight, Flight or Freeze - do not seem to be very useful in our digital era.

Discover a fourth option which can help you to overcome your fears and help others to do the same.

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Uncertainty is your friend

How you can use uncertainty to secure success for your business

Massive changes, 

great uncertainty. 


Unpredictability is the new normal.


How do businesses make sense of it all and not only survive but thrive?  


Aikido – a modern martial art where you use your opponent’s energy to minimize your own effort – provides an appropriate metaphor. 

Discover how unpredictability and uncertainty can actually provide the energy that drives your business forward.

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Where there is Life, there are Networks

Use networks to solve your company's most complex challenges 

Networks are everywhere!

The roots of trees and funghi under the forest floors are networks.

Coral reefs in the ocean are networks. 

Our brain is a network of neurons.

Cities and organizations are networks of people. 

As a matter of fact wherever there is life, we find networks. 

Networks impact everything you do.


Discover how you can use them to resolves the most complex challenges which your business face. 

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